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Welcome to Grup GCB.



We have been in the real estate sector for more than 40 years, we offer our clients a familiar, efficient and professional treatment.

Our experience allows us to know in detail the nuances and trends of the market, and accredits us in the ability to successfully meet the needs, general and particular.


The services we offer are:


- The purchase and sale, rental and management of properties.

- Service of technical architect for the service of architecture, engineering, topography and geotechnics.

- Rehabilitation, decoration and design service.

- Legal advice and in all the activities of the sector.


At Grup GCB we work every day to offer you the best service, the best alternatives and the best management so that every step you take can lead you to success and happiness.


Our intention is to augment our family by building relationships with our clients.


API (Real Estate Agent).

AICAT nº403 (Real Estate Agent of Catalonia.

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